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When Long Island native Wil Freebody came to Kentucky 40 years ago he immediately knew Kentucky would be his home. What started as a humble music studio with a handful of students has grown into the only licensed audio video recording school in the State. The school campus is home to a modern, spacious, recording studio featuring a 48 channel Audient analog console with Pro Tools HD recording, The video studio features HD recording through a Sony digital console and houses a full functioning concert stage, green screen, and lighting... great for live multi-camera video productions. While facilities and equipment are important, anyone familiar with the company will tell you, the driving force behind the LIRCO success story has been Mr. Freebody’s dedication to his community, and his tireless devotion to the success of his students, customers, and employees. Qualities that can’t be recorded but can make a difference in the end. Thank you for visiting our website. Please look around and enjoy.

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Wil Freebody

Chief Executive Officer

As the old man of the L-team, Wil started assembling the team in 1986. With over fifty years experience in the music business, Wil has worked with too many professional acts to list here. It will suffice to use this allegory to explain our boss:  Most people see the world as a half glass of water. They see it either half full or half empty. In Wil's world the glass is always overflowing. He is fond of stating “our team is the stength is the studio business”.

Carolyn Austin

Photography and Web Designer

Carolyn has been with the Long Island Recording Company since 1999. She has documented our progress with pictures, video and internet. If you are reading this you have seen some of her work. Carolyn also handles much of the day to day business of the studio. Wil calls her the MVP of the staff. For those of you that do not follow baseball, Most Valuable Player. 

Willy Freebody

Drummer and Camera Operator

Willy grew up in and around the studio. He can be heard playing drums in the studio several times per week. Whenever there is an important shoot he is usually on camera 3 adding his unique way of seeing things to the project. Willy is also is part of the marketing team that helps spread the word about us, you may have already seen him online or around town in one of our labeled Sprinters.


Steve Nall

Head Engineer

Steve has been with the company since its inception. As head engineer, he is the "go to guy" whenever anyone needs assistance. Not only an engineer, Steve is quite a prolific musician and producer in his own right. . Steve and Wil have been connected musically since 1986. His thirty years experience in recording and live sound aid him when overcoming situational sonic obstacles that inevitably show up in any musical endeavor.

Frank Messina

Television and Video

Doc’s expertise is in the broadcast and video realm. Frank is also an accomplished pianist, arranger and vocalist.  Wil feels that Doc brings a very important aspect to the LIRCo complex, he keeps Wil from being the oldest guy in the room. Seriously, Frank adds six decades of experience in the audio visual business. Oh, by the way, he like our boss is also from Long Island!

Keith Caudill

Chief Creative Officer

Keith Caudill is the former Director of the Mountain Arts Center. He has been a leader in the music industry in Eastern Kentucky for over 30 years. As a lifelong musician, Keith has been part of thousands of shows. Former TV proprietor, producer and engineer are just a few of his many credentials that makes him uniquely qualified to be the Chief Creative Officer for the LIRCo. Keith is also on the Board of Trustees for The Lexington School for Recording Arts. We are indeed fortunate to have him as the hub for the entire studio.

Michael Thomas

Producer and Engineer

Michael has been with LIRCo since 1995. Prolific songwriter, accomplished engineer, superb musician, all part of the persona that makes up MT. However there is more. Michael is our most versatile producer. He captures the Nashville sound when called upon and is equally at home with both Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian. The Heart of Rock n Roll is in Cleveland, and the heart of Michael Thomas is in Rock. Perhaps Michael's finest asset is his ability to get the most out of anyone he works with. We feel fortunate to have Michael as part of the L- Team.

Craig Floyd

Producer and Engineer

Craig graduated LSRA with honors, so he was our 'first call' to join our staff.  His passions outside of work, Big Blue Nation and EDM only enhance his excitement that he brings especially to the younger clients that come into our building.  He adds commercial voice over work to his many talents.

Eric Rolph

Director and Camera Operator

Eric currently has a music video he directed playing on CMT. He is a one stop shop, cameraman, editor, sound engineer and director. He also is the guy that constantly walks around singing. You don’t have to say too much more about a man that sings while he works. It speaks for itself.



40 Years of experience

There are several mantras associated with the LIRCo Complex, first and foremost is “We always do our best”. That starts with preparation.
The crew is always prepared...”It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark”. -Unknown

Commitment to follow through..."Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else. It's the people with follow-through who excel." - Unknown

Overcoming failure: "I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” —Michael Jordan

Innovation: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

This is the Long Island Recording Experience!

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  •   (859) 335-8440
  •   2566 Palumbo Drive Lexington, Kentucky 40509


Read what the professionals are saying about our studio and production staff.
Kory Caudill Nashville Recording Artist Grammy Nominated Pianist Touring Artist - Justin Moore Band
"There are endless options available for people looking to record music these days. Having approached the recording process in every way imaginable, I can say that the experience offered by Long Island Recording Studios is second to none. The facilities are state of the art, and the staff is wonderful. The sounds we get from the A room are on the same level as the "name" studios I work from on a daily basis in Nashville, and the music that gets pulled out of us in LIRCO is incredible. There's a reason we make the trip to Lexington from Nashville to record music, and I encourage anybody who's serious about their product to explore this gem of a studio."
Sir Mack Rice Grammy Award Winning Composer Mustang Sally, Respect Yourself Published over 400 songs
"Well, Let me see, I believe I met Wil about 1977. I have recorded at Long Island Studios a dozen times or more. You can’t find a better bunch of people to work with. It is always worth the trip from Detroit to go down to Lexington, I love Lexington. And I love Wil. He is the hardest working man in the music business."
Josh Martin Studio Musician Sony Music- Staff song writer
“Feeling comfortable in a recording studio is the most important thing for me. It not only allows me to easily dive into the creative process, but also establish that “right at home” type feeling in which everyone on the session is free to think and share ideas. That is exactly the feeling I got while working at LIR studios. Yes, they have all of the gear you will ever need to create an amazing sounding record, but it’s their one-of-a-kind tracking room paired with the team’s overwhelming sense of accommodation that makes the experience at LIR truly one to remember!”
Ryne Brashear Nashville Recording Artist Singer/songwriter Playing on Broadway, Nashville TN
"Hey Wil, this is to you and everyone at the studio. Thanks again for doing everything you all do, putting in a lot of work, and working hard to make everything look or sound awesome. I really do appreciate it and I'm very fortunate to have such a great team of people to work with and a great facility to be able to work in. This video shoot has been a lot of fun. I'm glad to be a part of this family as well, Thank y'all so much.
Jaii Gilkey Songwriter, Producer Atlanta, Ga
"From the moment you step into Long Island, you immediately feel you're in a special place. There is always a warm and inviting welcome from each member of the LIRCo staff. The thought process as well as execution presented in each recording/mastering session is always above exceptional. LIRCo gives each artist all of the tools needed to accomplish their goal. LIRCo is more than just a music studio, they are truly family."
Tee Dee Young Award-winning Blues Recording Artist Songwriter
“The staff at Long Island Studios are always wonderful to work with. I have had a professional relationship with them for over 20 years. The atmosphere is professional and creative. Technology and music continually evolve and transform. In an industry where change is constant, it is unusual to find the same staff year after year. They stay on top of their game while continually being informative and friendly. I will continue to record and make videos with them.”


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